DevOps evolves into DevSecOps

According to Computer Weekly, DevOps is evolving into DevSecOps, and new tools are needed to automate IT policy management.

In Sentinel, one tool emerged, including an option with enterprise versions of HashiCorp DevOps tools, such as:

  • Consul for service discovery
  • Vault for secrets management
  • Nomad for container scheduling
  • Terraform for infrastructure as code

Sentinel offers policy as code features for both security and compliance and HashiCorp seeks to attract DevOps pros, to provide data analytics and financial services to US healthcare payers and retailers.

Zubin Irani, CEO of cPrime, said to Computer Weekly: “With automation, you can codify the same mistakes that people make in manual processes – you need a tool that can make sure the automation you build is doing the right things.”

HashiCorp IT policy management also takes an active enforcement approach, blocking what is against policy from taking place.

Written by Leah Alger