Department of Veterans Affairs to switch to cloud and microservices

The Department of Veterans Affairs is planning to increase its cloud migration and microservices deployment in order to be more flexible and modern.

Indeed, with the pandemic, the agency noticed a 400% increase in remote users and more telehealth visits, from 25.000 per month to more than 40.000 per day. The agency stated that it switch from a legacy of Skype infrastructure capability to Microsoft Teams during the pandemic.

It was reported that they are planning to shift hundreds of applications to the cloud over the next couple of years. Considering the size of the agency, it needs to be careful in its move to the cloud. Still, the Enterprise Cloud Solutions Office aims to migrate about a third of the VA’s 1,000 major applications by the end of the fiscal year 2024.

The agency said it had almost 130 applications in the enterprise cloud today and that it was working with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Azure for its enterprise cloud efforts. It is also looking to adopt containerization and microservices in the coming years.