DBS Bank to launch a digital training institute in tech

Singapore’s DBS Bank has recently announced the creation of an in-house digital training institute in order to train its tech workforce up to date with cutting-edge skills for the future.


The institute, called the DBS Future Tech Academy will focus on three main programs: site reliability engineering, data processing and analytics, and application security. DBS is currently thinking of adding more programs in the next few months.


The institute will have a blended pedagogical approach with external experts and internal content and certifications. It will also allow its employees to be trained in the latest skillsets from external industry experts and apply it on the tech projects of the bank. Moreover, the bank’s experts will have unique access to technology-focused digital learning libraries including Pluralsight and O’Reilly in order to be the best prepared for the institute.


Hence, DBS is looking to maximize the potential of current and new technologies to give the best services to their customers. With the institute, DBS is then improving the skillsets and training of its employees, making the bank always ahead of new innovation and digital transformation.


Furthermore, DBS is also committed to helping grow the tech industry in Singapore by sponsoring the training of hundreds of their trainee. Indeed, they will be able to do the skills certification programs and have access to digital libraries.


By doing so, DBS seeks to encourage more people to follow a career in tech, whether it is at the bank or elsewhere. Besides, DBS is contributing to Singapore’s smart nation agenda by training new engineers for the future.


The bank is also looking to move forward with digital transformation, including 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), video analytics and artificial intelligence, and machine learning as well.