Datawatch partners with Sage to expedite accounting

Datawatch announced today at the HR Technology Conference its partnership with Sage.

Sage is the market leader in cloud accounting software and the data watch Monarch self-service data preparation platform is a solution for its accounting, HR, payroll, payments and enterprise service offerings.

Their partnership platform, Datawatch Monarch, enables Sage and its partners to accelerate product implementations, and end customers to simplify data preparation.

The platform also streamlines and standardises data formatting and migration for accelerated enterprise software and cloud deployments, enabling analysts and business users to overcome traditional data challenges through quickly accessing, manipulating, enriching and combining disparate data.

‘Improved operational processes’

Jennifer Warawa, EVP of partners, accountants and alliances at Sage, said: “With Datawatch Monarch, our customers and partners no longer need to struggle with time-intensive and error-prone manual data entry.

“Whether managing money or people, businesses now have the power to unlock data from accounting, HR/payroll and other enterprise systems, and then quickly prepare it for analysis, reconciliation, reporting and compliance purposes.

“This results in more informed decision-making and improved operational processes. And that, along with faster implementation times, enables us to provide a major competitive.”

Written from press release by Leah Alger