Datadog announces the next step for APM and new DevOps services

Monitoring service for cloud-scale applications, Datadog, has announced Tracing without Limits, the next step in Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Distributed Tracing.

The software brings a new application that will allow customers to look for traces without sampling live. It has the ability to keep the traces and match bad user experiences continuously.

Tracing is a way of logging and recording information that software engineers use to debug software.

A step forward

Normally, because of the cost of keeping traces, APM products sample traces at the host. Although in a big environment, this may work, in modern microservice architecture, it does not. This is because single user requests a criss-cross of multiple hosts, containers and serverless functions.

Tracing without Limits by Datadog helps the problems of incomplete traces by absorbing the traces and questioning them.

Developers can now customise tags and traces.

Observing problems

The new expansion enables engineers to be able to observe and oversee a range of problems from troubleshooting to specific customer issues.

Brad Menezes, Director of Product Management at Datadog says, “We built Tracing without Limits so customers can avoid tradeoffs between full application visibility and cost… Tracing without Limits gives engineers 100% visibility into their users’ requests and stores only the problematic traces long-term for analysis, allowing for faster time-to-resolution for our customers.”

Zach McCormick, Engineering Manager at Braze says: “When debugging performance problems across billions of emails and push notifications, we need access to all live tracing data…Datadog’s tracing tools have been invaluable when troubleshooting our customers’ marketing campaigns, and we’re looking forward to the evolution of this tool for faster time-to-resolution.”


The company has also created additional developments to its DevOps services, such as Network Performance Monitoring and Real User Monitoring.

Datadog’s vice President of product and community, Ilan Rabinovitch, said that over time, he wants DevOps teams to rationalise the software they need so they can organise and oversee cyber security, networking, user experience, and infrastructure.

He suggested that moving Datadog services into networking is particularly high because of DevOps teams having little outlook into how software defined network (SDN) services provided by cloud companies are influencing their applications.