Data security is a main concern for Brazilian users

A recent survey by Datafolha Institute revealed that many Brazilians are concerned about the security of their data.

Indeed, 92% of respondents reported being aware that companies keep some type of information about their consumption and leisure habits but they don’t feel that their data are secured in these digital environments. Only 13% think that their data is very secure while 21% think it is not.

Moreover, the study showed that Brazilian users are quite fearful of cyberattacks as 73% stated having suffered some kind of digital threat including fake messages and stolen passwords. Following this, many have started to add additional security measures, such as avoiding clicking on suspicious links or not using public Wi-Fi networks.

The survey noted that around 70% of respondents are aware that their data is stored by companies when accessing a social network, shopping over the internet, or making financial transactions online. They are willing to allow this if it would enable them to receive a better ranking in social rating systems, discounts, or to receive customized services.