Data literacy to be increased among digital natives

A new study by Exasol revealed that most young people do not consider data an important element in their future lives and careers.

Indeed, the report stated that only 43% consider themselves data literate while 54% lack familiarity with the concept altogether. Data literacy, which can be defined as the ability to read, work with, analyze, and argue with data, is considered an essential skill in today’s work world.

The young people interviewed in the study are called digital natives, or D/NATIVES, as they grew up surrounded by social media, portable technology, and the value of data. Hence, it seems rather strange that they are not data literate, especially as employers expect digital natives to be know how to work with data.

Yet, the report stated that 76% of digital natives believe that data and statistics are important and 23% think it has a significant impact on their lives.

However, only 43% still consider themselves data literate, suggesting an important skills shortage in the work market as well as highlighting the fact they are not conversant with business terminology around data.

The study also noted that 78% declared that data is important for their education and eventual jobs, yet only 52% believe their education is preparing them with the skills to be data literate. Most believe that data skills should be a more central part of their education.

Hence, it is vital for business leaders to bridge the gap between digital natives and the world of data by encouraging data literacy and giving advice, and offering training to help improve data literacy skills for all.