Cybersecurity training still insufficient

A new study by TalentMS revealed that cybersecurity training undertaken during the pandemic is still deemed insufficient.

Indeed, it was found out that despite 59% of employees receiving cybersecurity training from their companies,  61% failed simple cybersecurity tests. It was reported that most employees are most knowledgeable in laptop security, but do not know how to secure sensitive data and recognise harmful files.

Regarding the tests, the highest failure rates were stated to be in Information services and data and Software. Besides, 74% of respondents who answered all incorrectly declared to feel safe from cybersecurity threats. The study showed that 33% of employees saved their passwords in their browsers, putting their network security at risk. Overall, remote employees said they felt feel less safe from threats than office employees.

Even though the training had a positive impact on some aspects of employees’ cybersecurity habits, such as protecting their computers and correct password management, they were not consistent across all areas. Hence, it is vital that businesses these cybersecurity training programmes address all vulnerabilities that could threaten companies.

Finally, 52% of employees declared that they would learn more from having cybersecurity training presented in a simpler and less technical way.