Cybersecurity professionals want to leave industry due to increase stress and expectations

It was recently found that 45% of senior cybersecurity professionals are so stressed by their jobs that they have considered quitting the industry.

Indeed, a study by Deep Instinct showed that the increasing threats and cyberattacks have added to the stress on cybersecurity professionals over the past 12 months. The main issues are the unrelenting threats from ransomware, the expectations to always be on call or available as well as having to pay a ransom. These pressures have led them to consider leaving the industry rather than moving to a new cybersecurity role.

Moreover, it was stated that 38% of respondents have paid a ransom, with 46% claiming their data was still exposed by the hackers and 44% saying they could not restore all their data even after a ransom was paid. Ransomware is then one of the biggest concerns of cybersecurity professionals. Yet, paying the ransom usually doesn’t guarantee a resolution post-attack. Thus, 73% of respondents said they would not pay a ransom in the future.

Cybersecurity professionals are then worried that most of their data won’t be restored, that the attackers will still make the exfiltration of data public knowledge, or even that they will have installed a back door and will return.

Hence, it was shown that artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled tools will be highly effective in fighting sophisticated attacks such as ransomware, as it will be reducing false positives allowing teams to focus their time and resources on more critical cyber defense issues.