Cybersecurity concerns to rise among business leaders

A recent survey by Verizon revealed the business leaders’ concerns regarding labor shortages and network security following the pandemic.

Indeed, it was reported that many companies are worried about the economic impact of COVID-19 on small businesses and 68% of business leaders believe that their company will be better off in a year than it is at the moment. 52% of decision-makers stated to be concerned about ensuring the security of company networks and computer systems as well as ensuring the security of online and digital transactions.

It was reported that working from home has increased the potential for cybersecurity threats and that remote operations led business leaders to implement new cybersecurity practices and policies. Organizations have then increased hiring as well as implemented new security and virtual collaboration tech.

Among the many security measures implemented, businesses have started to purchase and upgrade antivirus programs, evaluate and enhance network security practices, as well as adopt new employees training regarding the best cybersecurity practices.