Cyber security skills gap to be growing in businesses

It was recently found out that the growing cyber security skills gap is leaving businesses exposed to threats and attacks.

Indeed, a study by ISACA showed that 46% of organizations are struggling to fill legal and compliance roles and 55% are struggling with technical privacy roles. Yet, only 25% had open legal and compliance roles while only 31% were recruiting for technical privacy roles. A majority is expecting this to change as the demand for privacy professionals will likely grow in 2022.

Moreover, it was reported that one of the biggest challenges with forming a privacy plan was the lack of competent resources. Enterprises need to invest in privacy programs and teams as well as prioritize privacy training efforts in order to make sure that all employees are ready to support any privacy initiative.

Besides, many respondents felt not very confident in their privacy team’s ability to ensure the efficiency and compliance of the organization’s data protection practice. Hence, it is vital to have privacy professionals for driving transparency and accountability across their organizations.