Create a powerful DevOps culture

Bluemeric, a Cloud & DevOps automation company, have announced the release of the next version of goPaddle v3.0, an ALM PaaS platform built using container technology.

Just-In-Time (JIT) Software delivery

DevOps has been borrowing concepts from the manufacturing industry to identify the bottlenecks in the software release process to make Just-In-Time (JIT) Software delivery. Combining the lean software practices with the JIT makes a powerful DevOps culture within the organisation.

goPaddle v3.0 covers application lifecycle management starting from release planning to production deployments, such that any bottlenecks in the application lifecycle can be identified & rectified through intelligent analytics. Release Pipelines provide the workflow automation for continuous build, integration and deployment across different stages of the lifecycle. Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) or Atlassian Jira users can now link their release or project plans with goPaddle, onboard an application from an existing source control repository, build a release pipeline and measure the release effectiveness over a period of time. This comes along with the portability benefit as well. goPaddle packages the applications as Docker containers, thus applications built once using goPaddle can be deployed on AWS, Google or Azure Cloud. In case of Azure, goPaddle goes one step further to support portable deployments across Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

Google and Azure developers

goPaddle provides a seamless experience to Google & Azure Developers by allowing Single-Sign-On using existing cloud accounts and provide a single- command line tool helps to provision scalable Kubernetes cluster on AWS.

The concept of “Bring Your Own Infrastructure” and the “Build Once Deploy Anywhere” completely alleviates vendor lock-in at every level.

Technology companies like Offshore Development Centres (ODC), BFSI, FinTech and e-commerce companies can take advantage of this platform for streamlining and automating their end-to-end application lifecycle management. For developers and growing businesses, the platform is available as hosted subscription model. Developer license gives a lifetime free subscription to use the platform and as the team size increases, the teams can leverage the pay-as-you-grow model. For large enterprises, the solution is available as an on-premise edition with perpetual license, training and enterprise SLAs.


Edited from press release by Jordan Platt