Containous releases a simpler service to ease microservices adoption

Cloud-native networking company, Containous, has today announced its plan to release a new open source service mesh. They are calling the product Maesh and are creating it to make service-to-service communications simpler for developers building updated and cloud native applications.

Containous hope that the new service will be lightweight, easy to use, and full-featured. To keep cloud at its core, it is built on top of the cloud-native edge router, Traefik.

By doing all of this, developers will be able to connect, secure and monitor traffic from their microservice-based application.

Using meshes

Meshes are becoming a critical part of microservice deployment as network communications become increasingly complex. Service meshes allow operations teams and developers to have the ability to manage inter-service communication with a single management layer.

The Maesh service panders to the implementation of microservices and helps to create a better experience for developers by suggesting an easy way to secure, monitor and connect to the network traffic in a Kubernetes environment.

Improvements for developers

Developers are able to optimise internal traffic, visualise traffic patterns, and secure communication channels, all while improving application performance.

“With Maesh, Containous continues to innovate with the mission to drastically simplify cloud-native adoption for all enterprises,” said Emile Vauge, CEO, Containous. “We’ve been proud of how popular Traefik has been for developers as a critical open source solution, and we’re excited to now bring them Maesh.”

The company says that the up and running of the service can be done in minimal time with a non-invasive approach which Containous feel will assist with improvements overall.

Ultimately, the company hopes that Maesh will reduce the difficulty of routing and observing service-to-service communications in any Kubernetes deployment.