Compuware ‘marks cloud history’ with Topaz

Marking the industry’s first cloud access to modern mainframe development, Compuware today made Topaz, its flagship solution for mainframe agile/DevOps, available on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Enterprises can provide their global development, test and ops teams with immediate and secure cloud access to Compuware’s entire innovative mainframe agile/DevOps solution stack through Topaz on AWS, leveraging Amazon AppStream 2.0 technology.

Amazon AppStream 2.0 lets users stream desktop applications from AWS to any web browser device.

Compuware enables this mainframe transformation with innovative solutions that facilitate agile and DevOps on the mainframe — while supporting the full integration of mainframe agile/DevOps into enterprise customers’ broader multi-platform DevOps initiatives.

DevOps teams can now tap the power of cloud with Topaz and AWS through:

  • Modifying, testing and debuging COBOL, PL/I, Assembler and other mainframe code via an Eclipse-based virtual IDE
  • Visualising complex and/or undocumented application logic and data relationships
  • Managing source code and promote artefacts through the DevOps lifecycle
  • Performing common tasks such as job submission, review, print and purge
  • Leveraging a single data editor to discover, visualise, edit, compare, and protect mainframe files and data

Charles Araujo, principal analyst at Intellyx, said: “Modernising mainframe applications are a critical activity for enterprise organisations competing in a digital-first world. That starts with integrating mainframes into continuous delivery pipelines, but it also means modernising the development environment to ensure that developers have the scale and agility they need in a fast-moving market.

“With Topaz on AWS, Compuware gives enterprises all the benefits of their intuitive, innovative development framework and combines it with the scale, flexibility and ease-of-administration of AWS.”

Written from press release by Leah Alger