Companies struggle keeping up with digitalisation, says Testplant

Testplant announced today its released research demonstrating the pressure businesses are under to deliver apps in the IoT and digital era.

Application Crisis Research found organisations are planning to build more, complex apps. 50% of respondents said that, within the next 12-18 months, their company will develop more apps with IoT components; 58% believe their company will develop AI components and apps and 62% said their company will increase of amount of apps deploying machine and deep learning components.

Given the time developers get to design, develop and test apps, 42% said it is unrealistic; 36% admitted they are not given enough time to ensure apps are properly tested; 81% believe their apps would have a greater impact on the business if given more time; 58% agree that use of outdated techniques and tools is holding them back from meeting the demands of the digital world and 75% believe with better tools, apps deployed by their team would have a greater impact on the business.

‘Development teams face internal pressure’

When it comes to feeling pressurised, 60% said most pressure comes from the company, 49% said competitors pressurise them; 66% believe pressure come from their company to innovate quickly; resulting in 49% putting out apps before they go through testing and 45% knowingly put out apps that perform below its initial requirements.

Regarding specific app testing, 70% of respondents claim they are focused more than ever on automation testing, with 67% saying automation was critically challenging.

John Bates, CEO of Testplant, said: “It is reaching a crunch point for businesses, under pressure to provide the most amazing services and apps to consumers, and development teams facing internal and competitive pressures, as organisations rush towards digital transformation.

“Companies are struggling to keep up with the pace of digitalisation and there will be a quality toll unless businesses see the imperative to completely re-think their traditional development processes and move towards more automated, intelligent solutions and tools.”

Application Crisis Research is conducted amongst over 750 development team leaders in the US and UK.

Written by Leah Alger