Cloud strategy to face security and cost challenges

It was recently reported that developers are still facing many challenges when implementing a cloud strategy.

Indeed, a study by Foundry showed that IT decision-makers are facing controlling costs, data privacy, and security costs issues when trying to put into place a cloud strategy. Cloud computing budgets are on the rise with companies spending around $78 million in the coming year as well as increasing their overall spending on cloud migration. It was found that 63% of organisation will see most of their IT infrastructure spending in the cloud increase in the next 18 months.

Yet, this is a good investment as cloud adoption was shown to impact positively revenue. As a consequence, these companies need to tackle the challenges around cloud costs, data privacy, and a lack of security skills. It is then necessary to have the proper talent and resources to manage cloud infrastructures and overcome security and privacy issues.

Businesses also need security expertise, better cloud and cost management capabilities, as well as strategic guidance in order to successfully implement their cloud strategy.