Cloud storage provider to have accidentally shared data with Facebook

It was recently found out that the cloud storage giant, Backblaze, was unknowingly sharing data with Facebook.

Indeed, the cloud provider was using Google Tap Manager in order to deploy key third-party code in a streamlined fashion, however, the implementation came with a Facebook trigger, and a new Facebook campaign that was intended for marketing web pages was inadvertently configured to run on signed-in pages.

Hence, the campaign was run on Backblaze pages alongside its web UI pages, which allows users to browse their B2 Cloud Storage files. Between March 8 and 21, it was found out that 9,245 users had visited the page while the campaign was active. Moreover, it was reported that the third-party tracking code was able to collect many file and folder metadata, including file names, sizes, and dates.

Backblaze confirmed that it has successfully removed the Facebook tracking code from its service and has informed its customers that the company will be more careful in reviewing applicable third-party codes on its website.