Cloud providers to continue thriving amidst pandemic

A recent report by the Synergy Research Group revealed that only four companies worldwide own 67% of the world’s $130 billion cloud market.

Indeed, it was stated that Amazon Web Services remains at the top, with a 32% market share. It is closely followed by Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure, with a 20% share. The two combined make up 52% of the world’s cloud market.

After that, we can found Google Cloud, with 9%, and Alibaba Cloud, with 6%. These four own over half of the overall market. IBM Cloud, Salesforce, Tencent Cloud, and Oracle Cloud then only represent 12% of the market combined.

Thus, the report revealed that, with the pandemic, cloud infrastructure services increased exponentially, especially compared to the years before. With most people still working from home, it is clear that these services and companies will continue to grow more powerful.