Cloud management to be critical for IT teams

A recent study by Snow Software revealed that cloud management is becoming significantly critical for IT teams.

Indeed, it was reported that 68% of IT leaders have a hybrid cloud strategy, which leads to a faster, more secure, and more affordable cloud solution for the business compared to private and on-premises infrastructures.

However, there are still many challenges, such as cybersecurity threats, lack of integration between new and old infrastructure technologies, governance and compliance requirements, and managing company spending. IT leaders also raised the issue of solving and mitigating cybersecurity protection concerns, the inadequacy of skilled IT staff, and the lack of cloud standardization.

Moreover, the study showed that more than 70% of the IT leaders have increased their overall cloud spending in the last year. This was a direct result of the pandemic as they realized that it was critical to their operations. Besides, 70% of IT leaders have increased the use of public cloud platforms, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Organizations rely on cloud computing for scalability and flexibility, as well as to develop, test, and launch products and services. It can also be used for their built-in and tested cybersecurity protection features.