Cloud-based apps ‘spur productivity’, says report

According to a survey conducted by Citrix, employee expectations for flexibility continue to rise, as well as the demand for collaborative work environments.

Strategies mentioned by the survey respondents included the embracement of cloud-based technologies and the adoption of a flexible work environment.

According to the survey, cloud-based apps can “spur productivity” in a flexible work environment, with 57% of office professionals who work in a flexible environment reporting they are currently using cloud-based apps, compared to 38% of respondents who don’t work in a flexible work environment.

‘Taking full advantage of cloud-based tech’

Additionally, the survey found 75% of office professionals said businesses with a flexible work environment will not be competitive in the next five years, without using cloud-based apps.

Employees taking full advantage of cloud-based technologies also noted they have more freedom to choose when and where they do their work.

The study surveyed 1,300 office professionals in the United States across industries including healthcare, financial services, and public services.

Written from press release by Leah Alger