Catchpoint launches digital experience monitoring tool

According to digital platform group Catchpoint, huge volumes of IT and DevOps teams can lead to an information overload and missed opportunities that affect digital experience.

The analytical provider in end-to-end performance of internet services states that traditional solutions correlate data and internal datacentre elements to application performance, which should evolve to digital experiences by monitoring and providing IT and DevOps teams in an autonomous way, rather than “just reporting issues”.

Analysts at Gartner identified the change in IT operations platforms as algorithmic IT operations platforms (AIOPs). Colin Fletcher, Research Director at Gartner’ said: “Algorithmic IT operation platforms enable infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders to meet the proactive, personal and dynamic demands of digital businesses by transforming the very nature of IT operations work via unprecedented, automated insight.”

The change in IT operations

“Current and future demands of infrastructure and operations (I&O) require a specific, strategic investment in a platform that is designed to collect and analyse data from any source with the assistance of increasingly intelligent machines,” he added.

Catchpoint recently introduced guided intelligence to see what new AIOP offerings can do to its digital experience management platform, through algorithmic features to help master DevOps and IT teams.

The company believes that network, third-party providers and APIs disrupt customer experience and application performance by synthesizing data from an array of vantage points, predicting business and IT outcomes.

Highlighting user performance issues

Guided Intelligence’s trio of new features includes:

  • Smartboard: Automatically highlights issues impacting user performance in a single, interactive view, providing IT professionals with a quick summary and contextual information without the need to sift through multiple analyses.
  • Outage analyser: Identifies regional performance problems in all relevant geographies using predictive models from real user data, enabling IT users to understand the scope and extent of an outage with the click of a button.
  • User engagement estimator: Creates “what if” scenarios to understand the impact of potential changes on performance and business metrics such as revenue.

Written from press release by Leah Alger

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