Brazil’s largest telecom to move completely to the cloud

One of the largest telecommunications providers in Brazil, TIM Brasil, recently announced that it will be partnering with Oracle and Microsoft in order to migrate its on-premises workloads into the cloud.

Following the impact of the pandemic, the company realized that it was time to accelerate its digital transformation and shift its IT infrastructure and management into the cloud so as to better meet the business and customers’ needs. Hence, this migration should make scaling easier and increased agility simpler as consumer demands shift and evolve continuously.

Moreover, the company is also making the changes in order to reach environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) sustainability objectives. Indeed, Oracle and Azure’s operations both use renewable energy, thus, migrating to the cloud will help the company reach its 2030 carbon neutrality goal.

Therefore, TIM’s data center-to-cloud transformation will involve the migration of 7,000 servers, 35,000 cores, 1,200 databases, and 15 petabytes of storage into a hybrid Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Microsoft Azure environment. TIM Brazil is then one of the first telecom companies in Brasil to move 100% to the cloud.