Brazil’s largest cosmetic company invests in operational performance management

In order to proactively manage the performance of its SAP ERP application, Boticario Group, Brazil’s largest cosmetic company and the largest cosmetics franchise in the world, is utilising user analytics from SAP® User Experience Management (SAP UEM) by Knoa Software as part of an integrated monitoring framework (in conjunction with CA Spectrum and ServiceNow).

A complete view of operational performance

For its executive-level reporting of operational performance, Boticario Group is tracking a confidence index spanning its entire SAP software infrastructure. The end-user data provided by SAP UEM is a key component of this analytical framework, as it reflects the true experience of SAP software users. The data in SAP UEM is coupled with system performance and availability data from classical application performance management (APM) tools, including CA UIM (Unified Infrastructure Management) and AppDynamics, for a complete view of operational performance.

Boticario Group uses SAP UEM to monitor actual user performance in key business areas, such as finance and logistics. Data from SAP UEM and other sources is integrated into a single repository, residing in CA Spectrum, where it is then extracted for reporting using Microsoft’s Power BI.

The cosmetic company’s IT organisation will employ the same monitoring and analytical framework in support of its migration to SAP S/4HANA® and the SAP Fiori® user experience. With a single instance of SAP UEM running in the cloud, Boticario Group is able to collect end-user analytics across the entire SAP software landscape.

Valuable insight into the performance of the SAP software environment

Boticario Group selected SAP UEM after a thorough evaluation of multiple solutions.

“We found SAP UEM to be the best product on the market, in both functionality and ease of use,” said Nicholas Alexandre Pierri, Senior IT consultant, Boticario Group. “Boticario Group appreciates the valuable contribution of our employees, and we have made significant investments in state-of-the-art technology to improve efficiencies across the board. User analytics with SAP UEM have provided valuable insight into the performance of our SAP software environment and enabled us to identify unique improvement opportunities.”

Boticario Group’s Help Desk operations are also leveraging the solution to improve support service-level agreements through automation. SAP UEM will also be integrated with the company’s ITSM solution, ServiceNow. SAP UEM alerts will automatically trigger support incidents. With instant visibility into the issues impacting production users, the support team is able to take a more proactive role and address end-user needs more quickly.


Edited from press release by Cecilia Rehn.