Brazilian government to launch system to help data protection compliance

It was recently announced that the Brazilian government will be launching a system to reduce security risks due to non-compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations within federal government bodies.

Indeed, the toolkit, launched by the Digital Government Secretariat (DGS), aims to be a resource to ensure compliance with the data protection law and avoid situations where personal data may be compromised. With the spread of the pandemic, more and more services are delivered online, making the need for data protection even greater.

Thus, the DGS system seeks to allow the investigation of possible security and privacy gaps in the systems of federal government agencies, as well as contracts and processes in which personal data may need to be analyzed.

The platform enables data protection officers to assess 14 different risk levels, via a questionnaire on the specific case online. Besides, the measures will also include various guides that will be supporting the effective applications of the rules.

Hence, this legislation requires a lot of transparency and adequate management of citizens’ data in order to protect citizens’ data and ensure their privacy.