BMC announces intent of acquisition of RSM Partners

BMC, a global leader in IT solutions for the digital enterprise, announces its intent to acquire RSM Partners, a global provider of services, software, and expertise with a 100% focus on IBM Z mainframes.

Amongst today’s businesses, optimal mainframe solutions remain as important as ever. According to a recent BMC Mainframe survey, top priorities for today’s businesses are security, compliance and the ability to predict failure, each of which can be solved through mainframe offerings.

For example, the study found that 77% of businesses have had a finding or potential breach in the past.

It also revealed that a staggering 92% reported being audited every two years and that an overwhelming 70% of large shops reported an unscheduled outage in the last 12 months, and 50% of all respondents reported increasing volatility

With mainframe, businesses can experience faster, higher- performing, and more secure delivery of new and improved business services and applications, shifting their attention away from these obstacles and towards innovation.

This new acquisition will enhance the BMC AMI portfolio to support the self-managing, modern mainframe, and the transaction is subject to close in the coming months.

Notably, this will be BMC’s second mainframe security or services acquisition in the last 15 months.