Black Duck reveals tool builder Hub Detect

Global leader in automated solutions for managing and securing open source software, Black Duck, revealed its Hub Detect today, an innovative capability for its Hub solution that streamlines and simplifies open source management for DevSecOps.

Innovative continuous-integration (CI) tools and package managers enable organisations to release faster and build better.

According to Black Duck, the amount of CI tools and package managers have multiplied throughout the years, creating a need for additional DevOps automation, with integration and configuration challenges climbing.

For CI tools and package managers, Hub Detect simplifies integration into a DevOps tool chain, through zero-configuration universal support.

It automatically configures, detects and downloads the appropriate integrations needed to perform an open source scan.

By automatically combining multiple analysis techniques, Hub Detect also ensures the most accurate inventory of open source.

The company said in a statement: ‘Only Black Duck provides this multi-factor approach, which is critical for effective management of open source security and license compliance risks.’

CEO at Black Duck, Lou Shipley, said: “Speed and agility are paramount in DevOps. With Hub Detect we’ve eliminated the complexity of identifying each of the package managers and CI tools in use and the pain of having to configure them individually.

“In short, Hub Detect runs seamlessly within any DevOps toolchain, providing the universal, simple, one-time configuration that automatically finds the best way to identify, analyse and monitor open source code. This enables customers to optimise open source security and reduce risk.”

Black Duck also noted that because Hub Detect knows which package managers are being used, it finds the most effective way to scan and analyse the open source code.

Written from press release by Leah Alger