Big data technology behind Kaspersky’s network

To protect the cloud and big data technology behind its private security network, Kaspersky Lab was awarded a patent, which gives instant threat detection required to keep data safe, according to the company.

With the cloud helping detect new threats, the network uses a continuous data exchange, including malicious programmes and websites that could pose a threat to a company’s security.

Kaspersky claimed that false positive rate detection is low because of platform process data being used by its users, insuring insights are accurate, and enabling businesses to act fast.

However, the company has developed a unique product that can be deployed on a private cloud, with a local copy of Kaspersky Security Network complying with data protection laws whilst serving businesses.

Anton Lapushkin, Head of Cloud Infrastructure Development at Kaspersky Lab, said: “Due to the role cloud computing and big data play in quick and accurate detection, services like Kaspersky Security Network are indispensable in cyber security.

“However, customers operating under strict regulations and data transfer policies are forced to disable cloud services like this, and therefore cut off a powerful protection layer.”

Written by Leah Alger

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