Biden administration to unveil new initiative to strengthen its infrastructure

The Biden administration recently announced a new initiative to strengthen the cybersecurity of the nation’s power grid.

Indeed, following an unsuccessful yet serious cyberattack in Florida that aimed to compromise a water treatment plant, the nation became aware of the great cybersecurity vulnerabilities found in its critical infrastructure.

Hence, the Energy Department stated that the initiative would outline actionable steps for utility owners and operators in order to detect and defend against cyberattacks. It is also calling for industry leaders to install technology that could prevent attacks on the electricity supply, as well as advises the private sector to further secure the infrastructure from cyberattacks.

The initiative is set to start with the US electric grid, with other sectors following soon. The plan should then help to build better advancements in the infrastructure making it more resilient and prepared in case of a breach, especially as the United States is facing several cyber threats.