Banks must use automation to improve DevOps strategy

Banks must embrace automation if they want to leverage their DevOps strategy, according to an identity solutions expert quoted in a recent IBS technology report.

As more and more companies strive to become software-centric technology businesses in 2019, more investment will be placed “on an agile DevOps strategy, fuelled by the need to automate”, said Jesper Frederiksen, VP at security and identity specialists, Okta.

Frederiksen said in the report that adopting an automation mindset “will be a major change for most bank IT teams and will need to be driven by the CIO, along with an injection of fresh talent or a major investment in training for existing IT teams”.

It has become easier than ever for companies to create their own in-house technology as access to new resources and platforms has increased throughout the years.

However, despite the rise of in-house technologies, Frederiksen said that chief information officers (CIOs) should avoid using their own in-house technology.

“DevOps is about automation, but there are a growing number of excellent tools that engineers can string together to be successful,” said Frederiksen.

“After a good DevOps model has been adopted by the CIO of an organisation, it’s important to transition to a mindset where the team learns how to leverage existing technologies instead of developing all on their own,” he added.