Arctic Wolf Network uses SaaS and cloud infrastructure

SaaS applications and cloud infrastructure is becoming widespread, but robust cyber security operations policies are lacking these environments, according to betanews.

The growth of SaaS and the cloud has affected the traditional security perimeter of the enterprise, creating a need to combine the security and operational policies of on-premises, SaaS and public cloud infrastructure.

Arctic Wolf Networks is adding SaaS application and public cloud infrastructure monitoring to its CyberSOC platform because of this, ensuring customers stay secure when using business-critical cloud-based applications and infrastructure services.

Brian NeSmith, CEO at Arctic Wolf, said to betanews: “All SaaS and cloud services pose security risks, and the biggest issues arise when companies don’t have visibility to what security problems may exist.

“AWN CyberSOC helps customers view their on-premises, SaaS applications and public cloud infrastructure through a single pane of glass for 360-degree security visibility.”

Written by Leah Alger