Apple to be storing customer data inside data centres in China

A recent report by the New York Times has revealed that Apple was storing Chinese customers’ data inside data centres based in China.

Following that revelation, many people starting to criticize the tech giant for its actions. The company then retaliated by declaring that it never compromised the security of its customers and their data and that it was complying with Chinese law about the data storage of its nationals. Yet, it was reported that by doing so, Apple was effectively allowing access to the Chinese government.

This is a rather significant issue as China has always been accused of using technology to track and monitor its citizens. Thus, by storing the data in servers inside the country, the company is putting citizens at risk and removing any privacy they might have.

Apple, however, stated that it complied with the laws of every country it was present. The company added that it still had control of the encryption keys for its users’ data, and every data centre was using Apple’s most cutting-edge hardware and security technologies.