AI jobs to continue to grow in the coming years

A recent study by Indeed revealed that the demands for AI jobs continue to grow in the United States.

It was reported that despite the fear of being replaced by a robot doing the work for you, jobs in this artificial intelligence (AI) technology are more sought-after than ever. It then showed that developing sophisticated AI has actually encouraged job opportunities and offer new, higher-level roles for employees.

Indeed, it was noted that this advanced technology would help new create new jobs such as ‘Robot/AI trainer’ and ‘Chief of Artificial Intelligence’ as well as help reduce the need for low-level tasks.

Moreover, the report highlighted the top AI jobs sought after in 2021. The list includes data scientists, senior software engineer, machine learning engineer, data engineer, software engineer, software developer, software architect, senior data scientist, full-stack developer, and finally, principal software engineer.

Hence, this shows that the rise in AI technology is providing a lot of opportunities that should be seen as positives rather than negatives.