Agile Stacks CEO talks of Kubernetes extension

The DevOps automation platform for Agile Stacks has been extended to Kubernetes and Cloud Services, the company announced this week.

The announcement was made at HPE Discover 2019 conference.

Agile Stacks CEO John Mathon spoke of how the move was implemented in the hope that companies will find it easier to reinforce DevOps practices. Especially when it comes to practices in hybrid cloud computing services.

He said that he wanted the platform to include Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Red Hat’s OpenShift distribution of Kubernetes. Mathon also said that he wanted all this to work alongside Amazon Web Services.

The head of the Agile Stacks company commented on how he was worried that Kubernetes was making hybrid cloud computing more difficult and this was leading to more complications in DevOps.

At the conference, the CEO also commented that he wants Agile Stacks to help make DevOps more acceptable in general. He hopes to do this by reducing problems and complexities from the start when it comes to companies trying to use DevOps practices and processes.