Agile causes financial failure to British businesses

Failed agile IT projects have cost British businesses to waste around £37 billion over the last 12 months, according to CIOs.

A survey was carried out by 6point6 in the UK and US to explore agile experiences, and to inspect how successful agile principles are being executed and applied.

The findings show that 12% of agile projects are completely failing, and taking into consideration that there are around 6000 agile projects in the UK that cost approximately £8 million, a lot of money has been wasted.

Research also exposed that 95% of CIOs have worked in an agile environment, including multiple teams and projects; although organisations must build their own scaled agile methodology or learn an existing one, as agile doesn’t provide a means to scale up or out.

CIOs estimate agile issues

“The truth is, that despite the hype, agile development doesn’t always work in practice,” says 6point6 CIO and Co-founder, Chris Porter.

“This is a conservative estimate. We’ve only looked at agile IT projects that fail completely. This doesn’t include the waste involved in agile projects that fail only partially. UK and US CIOs now estimate that nearly 32% of agile projects fail to some degree. The failure to apply agile effectively is a huge problem for the UK.”

Written from press release by Leah Alger