ADVA wins Network Transformation Award

ADVA Optical Networking announced today that its FSP 3000 platform has won the Layer 123 2017 Network Transformation Award for Best Energy Efficiency.

Presented in The Hague as part of the SDN NFV World Congress, the award highlights challenges the ICT industry face, ensuring sustainability despite bandwidth growth whilst recognising low power consumption of ADVA Optical Networking’s WDM technology.

Klaus Grobe, director for global sustainability at ADVA Optical Networking, said: “Energy efficiency is at the heart of everything we do. It’s what drives us to continually build technology that does more for less.

‘Doing more for less’

“With our FSP 3000, we’re helping our customers to dramatically reduce emissions and leading the industry to a sustainable future.

“When we look at the impact that telecommunications has on the environment, power consumption is by far the biggest factor. Our innovation is helping to limit emissions and compensate for huge increases in data demand.”

Due to improvements in several key areas, including advances in cooling methods, innovation in DC/DC voltage supply and optimisation between modularity and monolithic integration, the platform is now approaching efficiency of 0.2W/Gbit/s.

‘Limiting future energy consumption’

Stephan Rettenberger senior vice-president for marketing and investor relations at ADVA Optical Networking, added: “We take sustainability extremely seriously. We’re all proud of what we’ve achieved with our FSP 3000. We’re now reaching levels of efficiency that not long ago were unimaginable.

“Fueled by the surge in mobility and mass migration to the cloud, global ICT emissions are rising steeply. Companies across the industry now recognise how urgently they need to limit future energy consumption and CO2 emissions.”

Written from press release by Leah Alger