Accenture and Microsoft create digital ID

To help the United Nations (UN) store digital legal identification for refugees who have no licensed documents, technology companies Accenture and Microsoft have created a digital ID, which runs on blockchain.

Citizens will be able to access personal details from any location because the prototype shows commercial and public records, which is essential for a range of financial, health and education services.

Accenture is building an existing biometrics identity management platform on the system soon, which will be tested with aid agencies.

According to the BBC, 1.1 billion people worldwide have no valid documentation, including people who have been displaced from their original homes.

‘Unique identifier stamp’

The blockchain ID will create a unique identifier ‘stamp’, between the refugee and server data, to confirm confirmation for every service received.

“For someone who has nothing, who is starting over, this is a means by which they can start over and not lose their identity again. It’s a much richer set of identity information than we have today,” said Accenture’s Managing Director, David Treat.

“We all have challenges with identity because it is fragmented and it is owned by the authorities and not by us. If you count the number of logins you have, there are a lot, and you don’t own a lot of your information, someone else does. This is the basis by which identity can be stolen or corrupted,” he added.

The UN’s ideology is for everyone to have legal digital identities by 2030.

Written by Leah Alger