98% of companies integrate security with DevOps, says report

A new report released by DigiCert showed that 98% of businesses are either planning or have launched a security team and an integrated DevOps.

The identity, authentication, and encryption solutions for the web and IoT device provider surveyed 300 companies within the United States, with 33.3% of participants working in IT, DevOps or IT security management.

150 companies that completed the DevOps security integration said it took around two years to complete, over a year longer than most companies expect; 70% of security teams said it takes too long to complete; 69% couldn’t resist the change and 68% require relationship skills to integrate DevOps and security teams.

DigiCert CEO, Jason Sabin, said: “A lot of people get into DevOps and try to build a team of DevOps, but they often have struggled. That’s because you have to work with other teams like the operations team or the security team.

“It is better to build a culture. Be a social leader or an agent of change, instead. Bring security to the table at the beginning of the development process and also let them know you will try something different to automate the process and make it more predictable and reliable.”

The survey concluded that integrating security with DevOps benefits companies that have finished the process, with the majority of respondents saying their information security, ability to lower application and application delivery deadline has improved.

Written by Leah Alger

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