Europe promise 5G revolution

To make Europe the future mobile network global leader, the European Union (EU) has established a common baseline for 5G standards

In a bid for the EU to become the future mobile networking technology, the republic of San Marino has announced its plans, allowing 30,000 residents to enjoy more reliable internet through 5G by the beginning of next year.

Telecom Italia Mobile has agreed to support San Marino’s government ideas by combining collective resources on potential 5G mobile networks across the EU, and signing a ministerial declaration to join member states.

‘Using 5G networks to communicate in the future’

Urve Palo, Estonian Minister for entrepreneurship and IT said to a Computer Weekly: “Everybody and everything will be using 5G networks to communicate in the future, and I am very glad that we managed to sign the declaration.

“This indicates that all member states are thinking about the future and are willing to boost connectivity and Europe’s digital competitiveness to the next level. 5G will allow faster internet connections across Europe and make it possible to develop new technologies, such as connected cars, innovative industrial machines and e-health initiatives.”

The declaration was also signed by Norway and the UK.

Written by Leah Alger

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