Robot revolution to take jobs, say students

According to Computer Weekly, young people are worried that robots will have better skills than them when leaving education.

The arrival of artificial intelligence (AI) will lead to fewer job, said 76% of young people who are worried that robots skills will stand out more because of lack of work experience at a young age.

Supporting young people, the Young Enterprise Charity and Financial Education polled 200 young business-minded individuals for its report ‘Robot revolution: The impact of artificial intelligence on entrepreneurs and job prospects.’

Robots forcing students to learn new skills

The report findings found that 59% of participants are worried about not finding a job that a robot could do; with 33% believing that robots with problem solving and team working skills will force students to learn new skills before leaving education.

“The rise of the robots will have a devastating impact on job prospects for young people who have not been equipped with basic work skills,” said Michael Mercieca, CEO at Young Enterprise.

“Its time to wake up and recognise education must extend beyond academia and properly prepare the next generation for the world of work with skills like communication, teamwork and creativity,” he added.

Another survey that differently consisted of 111,362 participants and was created by similarly showed that more than 10% of workers believe that 20% of daily tasks could be taken over by robots.

Written by Leah Alger

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