51% of C-Suites concerned over cloud adaptation, survey suggests

Over half of senior executives (51%) have concerns over their IT department’s ability to govern cloud adaptation, according to a recent survey.

The report is labeled “Disruption in the C-Suite” and focuses on the senior divisions of the digital and tech sector.

Of the 555 questioned in the report, which was taken out by the Financial Times Focus and business management software provider, Apptio, about half of these were in CxO (corporate executive) roles.

According to Apptio.com, part of the report looks at how “Leaders at global brands embrace AI, reskilling, cloud, Agile, and de-centralized decision-making to move at hyperspeed and deliver value.”

Higher IT influence

The survey also revealed that of those using agile practices, less than one-fifth of companies track their results using specific performance indicators.

Adding to this, 47% said that digital transformation has confused what work responsibilities are across the C-suite. The same number of respondents even felt that strategic differences have grown between IT and finance managers.

71% of finance leaders felt in order to develop the change that their business needs, the IT department needs higher levels of influencing skills.

A world-wide survey

The survey was taken out across various countries across the world, including the U.K, the U.S.A, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Japan.

In the U.S, 87% of those questioned thought that digital transformation had helped with integration when it came to the development of the top levels within their companies.

Only 56% of C-Suite employees admitted to constantly adapting their IT strategy depending on the input of their customers and changes in the business.

How to improve

The way that people felt like their corporation could be improved upon was though remaining competitive, enhancing customer relationships, increasing productivity and augmenting product development.