40% of healthcare organizations targeted by ransomware attacks in the cloud

A recent report from Netwrix revealed that almost 40% of healthcare organizations were targeted by ransomware attacks in the cloud in 2020.

Indeed, the study states that the main cybersecurity incidents targeting healthcare institutions were phishing, ransomware, and data theft by insiders. Out of these three, data theft remains the hardest to detect with more than 50% of organizations needing days or even weeks to find the issue. On the other hand, phishing and ransomware were discovered in hours.

These attacks lead to serious consequences for the healthcare sector including unplanned expenses to fix security gaps, compliance fines, and lawsuits. Besides, many healthcare organizations point out that their poor cloud security results from a lack of budget, a lack of IT/security staff, and employee negligence.

As a result of the pandemic, cyberattacks have become more sophisticated and have started to target many hospitals and health systems, hence threatening care delivery.