21V Blue Cloud signs with new partners to develop its CLIC strategy

At the latest Microsoft Inspire 2019 last week, 21Vianet blue cloud (hereafter “21V Blue Cloud”) announced they are teaming up with AggreSmart Solution Platform as their new solution partners. They hope to reinforce the Cloud Landing in China (CLIC) strategy and develop greater cloud integration into the Chinese market.

21V BlueCloud has been the driving force behind the Microsoft cloud ecosystem as it provides secure and sustainable cloud operations at a high-performance level.

Due to the CLIC strategy, China has received over 40 domestic and foreign solutions. These match with Microsoft’s cloud solution by enabling customers to move forward in digital transformation, whilst always ensuring security and compliance.

Making partners overseas

To implement themselves further into the overseas market, 21V BlueCloud signed with four more partners in cloud business. These being: MicroStrategy, Beijing Infoquick Global Connection Tech Ltd. (hereafter “Infoquick”), Quest Software Inc. (hereafter “Quest”), and Shanghai Akmii Information Limited (hereafter “Akmii”).

It’s hoped that by partnering with these specific companies, Microsoft’s cloud company will bring forth higher quality solutions for email content file saving, workflow management, SD-WAN to enterprise customers and business intelligence and analytics.

Customer benefits

Herbie Lam, General Manager of Greater China at Quest Software Inc says: “We are delighted to expand our partnership with 21V Blue Cloud to bring our customers the benefits of Quest Platform Management solution at Microsoft Azure platform in China. This announcement reinforces the work we have collaborated lately, brings our customers new end-to-end offers and innovative services and enables them to solve business challenges.”

“As global data growth has exploded, helping our customers to transform data into real-world intelligence and answer their tough business questions has been our top priority,” said Zhao Zhiheng, General Manager of MicroStrategy Greater China. “By cooperating with 21V Blue Cloud, we combine cloud solutions with intelligence analytics perfectly, provide convenient and fast deployment to customers and bring them the value of data mining.”

Microsoft Azure, which is part of 21Vianet, was started in China in 2013 and assisted with compliant international public cloud operations in the country.