2018 will be the year for DevOps, says survey

According to GitLab’s second annual developer survey, implementing DevOps is the highest priority for software professionals in 2018.

The survey found that 65% of respondents believe that the DevOps workflow saves them time during the development process, with 29% planning to invest in DevOps for 2018.

Developers now understand the need and importance of DevOps as a critical piece of the software development lifecycle, according to the survey.

In fact, two in three developers agreed that DevOps is a tremendous time saver in the development process and those that have implemented a DevOps strategy noted a direct correlation between DevOps to team productivity.

DevOps culture

Although 35% of respondents said they have established a DevOps culture, many development teams have still not fully adopted a DevOps workflow as 55% said they are still using at least five tools to complete the development process.

Additionally, there is still a lack of consistency among developer, operations, security and product teams, with 25% of developers indicating they do not have visibility into what their colleagues from those teams are working on.

Sid Sijbrandij, CEO and co-founder of GitLab, commented: “This survey reveals software professionals finally see the need for DevOps in their workflow and are beginning to adapt their work style in order to make this a reality.

Goals of Dev and Ops

“Despite the progress in the shift in mindset, current DevOps practices are not cutting it. Instead of a single application that accomplishes the goals of both Dev and Ops, many glue together the tools for the two departments, which has proven to be an ineffective means for collaboration.

“Developers need a solution that provides a seamless DevOps experience.”

In conclusion, the report found that 2018 will “be the year for DevOps”, while many developers understand the need and importance to streamline their workflow, few have completely adopted DevOps practices.

The survey was conducted by 5,296 software developers, CTOs and IT professionals.

Written from press release by Leah Alger