Xebia signs MoU with SRM University to launch DevOps curriculum

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between Xebia Academy Global and SRM University, which is based in India, to launch a B.Tech Computer Science Engineering programme specialising in DevOps for the academic year of 2019-20.

As part of the MoU deal, Xebia Academy Global will design the course syllabus and create study modules containing high-quality and industry-specific content, along with placement opportunities for graduates.

Xebia Academy Global

In addition, Xebia will also help strengthen the university’s faculty by building a team comprised of knowledgeable educators and subject matter experts.

According to a press release, the B.Tech programme will focus mainly on the future-oriented field of DevOps. Its course structure has been designed in such a way that it helps address the workforce skills gap by providing students with relevant knowledge that helps improves their skills.

The course development structure, which comprises of course materials, assignments, and training sessions, will be piloted under the guidelines and expertise of Xebia’s DevOps specialists.

“In a world where the development of societies and nations is based on the symbiosis of technology, the knowledge, and applications of DevOps, are soon going to become an indispensable part of learning for engineering students,” said Dr.P. Prakash, Vice Chancellor of SRM University.

From inventing customised solutions for businesses to developing algorithms that help in analysing consumer behaviour, the future is unthinkable without this disruptive technology,” he added.  

Next-generation skills

Through the agreement, Xebia aims to equip students with next-generation skills by providing them with “hands-on-training”. It will not only equip the next generation of students with the skills to flourish, but it will also help enhance their perspective on how they approach critical thinking, problem-solving and handle real-world problems.

“Xebia is committed to leverage industries and academia with cutting-edge technologies and training programs. By introducing this program to the students, we are going to address the skills shortage in the industry and make the students job-ready,” said Brijesh Kohli, the Director of Xebia Academy Global.