Alcide partners with Fortinet to provide hybrid cloud network security solution

Alcide partners with Fortinet to provide hybrid cloud network security solution

Last Thursday (April.4th), Alcide, a cloud-native security provider of the first Microservices Firewall, announced a Fabric-Ready partnership with Fortinet.

The joint hybrid cloud security offering seeks to provide advanced threat detection and mitigation for complex cloud environments to ensure business continuity.

The integrated hybrid cloud security solution was created on top of FortiOS, the system that connects security devices together for effective and comprehensive security, while also ensuring full control over all security and networking capabilities.

FortiGuard Labs & Alcide

The security offering also leverages FortiGuard Labs’ threat intelligence with Alcide’s high-resolution reputation hit detection capabilities, such as crypto-mining, command & control, etc.

Combined together, Fortinet blocks threats at the network perimeter, while Alcide uses its patent-pending microservices behavioural-based anomaly engine to detect east-west attacks across and within the different clusters.

The Alcide platform also “programs FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls to enforce a deeper security inspection for Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS), which results in an end-to-end security solution with a unified security policy enforcement across and with multiple Kubernetes clusters and hybrid-cloud deployments,” Alcide said.


Alcide also pointed out that customers of the integration can benefit from the following:

  • unified threat hunting and management
  • high-resolution triage of anomalous microservices network activity
  • combining North-South threat intelligence reputation with deep East-West traffic inspection
  • continuous control and visibility.

“We are excited to partner with Alcide to help customers apply consistent and broad security to their cloud-based application deployments. Leveraging the joint solution, customers can benefit from security tailored for their container and serverless environments working in concert with trusted and true network security for their cloud networks,” said Lior Cohen, senior director, product marketing, cloud security at Fortinet.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Fortinet,” said Gadi Naor, co-founder, and CTO, of Alcide. “By leveraging industry-leading security portfolio and integrating with FortiGate NGFW and FortiGuard Labs’ threat intelligence, which enables customers to easily harness deep security controls on public and hybrid cloud deployments.”