XebiaLabs launches new DevOps risk and compliance solution

Earlier this week, XebiaLabs, an independent software company specialising in DevOps and continuous delivery, announced the launch of a risk and compliance solution for enterprises.

The new solution features enhanced chain of custody reporting, new security risk dashboard for software releases, and a new at-a-glance compliance overviews.

According to XebiaLabs, these new features will enable enterprises to “release a chain of custody across the end-end CI/CD toolchain, from code to production”.

When teams have an effective risk and compliance management process in place, it is easier for them to identify and deal with any release failures or security early on in the software delivery cycle.

“To effectively manage software delivery at enterprise scale, DevOps teams need a way to accurately manage and report on the ‘chain of custody’ and other compliance requirements throughout the software delivery pipeline,” said Derek Langone, CEO of XebiaLabs.

“It’s also vital for them to have visibility into the risk of release failures or security issues as early in the release process as possible. That’s when development teams can address issues the quickest without impacting the business.”

According to Langone, the industry demands higher transparency and maximum visibility.

“With XebiaLabs, we can enable our DevOps pipeline to meet or exceed those demands. There are great power and comfort in being able to see the data related to each release in a centralized tool and as early as possible in the delivery process. If we have a failure or risk of failure, we want to identify it early and trace its roots rapidly. XebiaLabs allows us to achieve that goal.”