SANS institute announces DEV540 course

The global leader in information security training, SANS Institute, today announced a new course, aimed to help developers and security professionals.

DEV540 Secure DevOps and Cloud Application Security is a five day hands-on course, providing security, IT and risk professionals with new ways to help their organisation utilise DevOps and cloud-based technology, safely.

Taught by DevOps security programmes, the DEV540 Secure DevOps and Cloud Application Security course offers detailed insight into how developers and security professionals can build and deliver secure software using DevOps and cloud services, specifically Amazon Web Services.

Students will learn how code is automatically built, tested, and deployed using popular open source tools such as git, Puppet, Jenkins, and Docker and build a secure DevOps CI/CD toolchain.

The final three days of the course covers how developers and security professionals can utilise AWS services and features for encryption, autoscaling, serverless computing, and more to build secure software in the cloud.

The course co-author and instructor, Frank Kim, said: “DevOps and cloud are radically changing the way that organisations design, build, deploy and operate online systems. Because traditional approaches to security can’t come close to keeping up with this accelerated rate of change, security must be reinvented. If your company is adopting DevOps and/or moving to the cloud (with AWS), you will want to take the Dev540 course.”

Written by Leah Alger